improve start ram script to use quotes

Kevin Froman 2020-03-24 03:17:40 -05:00
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commit 8e31d51740
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@ -6,11 +6,11 @@ else
echo "This system does not have /dev/shm. Cannot use this script."
exit 9;
ONIONR_HOME=$(mktemp -p /dev/shm/ -d -t onionr-XXXXXXXXXXX)
ONIONR_HOME="$(mktemp -p /dev/shm/ -d -t onionr-XXXXXXXXXXX)"
echo "Onionr has been launched with a temporary home directory using /dev/shm. Note that the OS may still write to swap if applicable."
echo "Future Onionr commands will use your set or default Onionr home directory, unless you set it to $ONIONR_HOME"
echo "Ultimately, a live boot operating system such as Tails or Debian would be better for you to use."
$(dirname $0)/ start & disown
sleep 2
$(dirname $0)/ open-home
$(dirname $0)/ open-home