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Kevin Froman 08d5d9e425 added install readme disclaimer and don't log max thread messages to terminal 3 years ago
Kevin Froman c4c4fb70d5 added motd, todo.txt, and small bug fixes 3 years ago
Duncan X Simpson ec6cda7de9 Fixes in install/onionr 3 years ago
Arinerron d01bfe8443
Hotfix missing dependencies 3 years ago
Arinerron 5e0ed2757e
Rename AUR package to onionr-git 3 years ago
Arinerron e57ecb1f3f
Move install files to install dir 3 years ago
Arinerron fff2b7b18f
master <- easy-releases 3 years ago
Kevin Froman 71805811cf corrected permissions again 4 years ago
Aaron df8a3d39bc Add installation scripts 4 years ago